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The goal of the DUMB MUD project is to provide MUD developers a language specifically designed for the purpose. The Diabolically Uncrashable Mud Builder, as the name suggests, puts a strong emphasis on stability and reliability. While speed and space requirements are always important, we DUMB folk take the view that the fastest program in the world is worthless if you can't count on it.

The DUMB language is a dialect of lisp, a language well known for being straightforward and easy to modify on the fly. Indeed, it is entirely feasible to create an entire MUD, using the DUMB interpreter, and have it up and running without ever restarting the server. Currently, the lisp interpreter is nearly complete. Further development will come in the area of usability and distributed serving. Most programs written for the current version of DUMB MUD (0.3.x) will continue to function with only minor modifications arbitrarily far into the future.

DUMB MUD is under active development. Besides looking for coders, reviewers, document writers, and testers, we're always willing to hear a new idea. If you have any input on where you want to see DUMB MUD going, please let us know!

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The members of the DUMB MUD project waive all rights to all material contained within this website. This page is available under the GPL.
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